134 canton fair 1

We are going to attend the 134th Canton Fair

Phase 2: October 23 – October 27. 2023
Exhibition area: Weaving and rattan iron crafts
Booth number: 8.0 O 17-18
Contact person: Speedy Wang
Cell phone: +86 13356877763

Phase 3: October 31 – November 4. 2023
Exhibition area: Home textiles
Booth No. : 16.3 B 32-33
Contact person: Speedy Wang
Cell phone: +86 13356877763

Welcome to our booth!

Address: No. 382, Yuejiang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

134 canton fair 2

The Canton Fair (Chinese:广交会) is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Guangzhou, China. Its full name since 2007 is the Chinese Import and Export Commodities Fair(中国进出口商品交易会) renamed from Chinese Export Commodities Fair(中国出口商品交易会). It is the largest trade fair in China. Among China’s largest trade fairs, it has the largest assortment of products, the highest attendance, and the largest number of business deals made at the fair. Like many trade fairs it has several traditions and functions as a comprehensive event of international importance.